Locker Room Design Basics

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Designing or renovating a locker room can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Although there are some differences in use such as fitness centers, schools and universities, or break rooms, the basics of putting together a locker room remain the same. The Athletic Edge can help you identify exactly what you need to include in your locker room project including a breakdown of materials, styles and sizes, colors and branding and other locker room essentials. 


Watertown Lakers locker project

Choosing the Correct Lockers

Lockers will likely be the largest part of your locker room design, and it's worth considering what materials your new lockers will be constructed out of. Function, style, colors and branding are also key considerations. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each.


Wood lockers are frequently chosen for use in country clubs, golf courses, and athletic facilities due to their elegance and natural beauty. Aesthetically pleasing, wood lockers come with a few durability issues. Wood, as a construction material, is porous and is permeable to water and other liquids. Laminate, too, risks damage with exposure to liquid. Due to its porous nature, wood and wood laminate are susceptible to water damage and may harbor the growth of bacteria and/or mold. In addition, wood lockers can be more expensive initially and come with higher long-term maintenance costs.
Read more about selecting the right wood/laminate in our informative blog. 


Pacific Lutheran University cutback side lockers


The most common locker found in most settings, steel lockers are simply designed and less expensive than other types. Easy to install in bulk for large spaces, steel lockers tend to be cost effective options for schools and work settings. They possess superior strength, are budget friendly, and can be configured in multiple options. Durable initially, long term maintenance costs can climb as these lockers are susceptible to water and chemical damages (rust) as well as dents and scratches. Another factor to consider is noise level. Steel lockers are considerably noisier than wood lockers and have a more standardized appearance.

Steel Lockers - Castlewood

Castlewood High School steel athletic storage lockers

Club Lockers

Beautifully designed and as attractive as they are useful, club lockers are built for style and durability with custom options to suit your needs. Designed with function in mind, club lockers generally have multiple tier options from single tier, to multiple tiers or even Z-shaped models for ample storage for essentials such as coats, shoes, and extra equipment. Constructed from solid wood, laminate or even phenolic, club lockers can come in a range of prices and configurations depending on the construction material and quantity desired.


Solid wood club lockers

Aluma Elite (Aluminum)

Create a cohesive look and feel to your space with Aluma Elite lockers and athletic training room furniture and equipment. Constructed from heavy duty aluminum and equipped with a tough powder coat finish, the Aluma Elite product line withstands everyday use with ease. Showcase your team's colors and logo by adding custom branding.

San Francisco Giants-(Aluma Elite Locker)San Fransisco Giants Aluma Elite locker



Phenolic lockers are built to withstand wet environments, heavy use and tough conditions. The moisture repellent characteristics of phenolic make it the ideal choice for wet, humid conditions such as those found at pools, spas, recreation areas and fitness centers. Choose phenolic lockers for lasting quality in high traffic locations and a clean, modern look. They are durable, and come in a range of colors. However, phenolic may lend a less expensive look to your room.


    Phenolic lockers

A smartly designed locker room improves the overall user experience of any facility. Taking a few minutes to consider the construction of your lockers will save you from time consuming comparisons before you are ready.

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