Video: Locker Options to Meet all Your Needs

The Athletic Edge has an extensive line of lockers that can meet any organization's needs. From standard features to fully custom options, we can design and build what you envision. In these videos, we show some of the numerous locker options the Athletic Edge has to offer.

1. Standard Wood Locker

• Maple Wood finish 
• Padded seat with lift up lid
• Built in ventilation
• Single cubby top storage with  lock
• Clothes rod and hooks
• Helmet and shoulder pad rack on top
• Custom branding 

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2. Standard Wood Locker with upgrades

• Walnut wood finish
• Digital locking mechanism on top storage cubby
• Stainless steel details
• Built-in fan in top storage to dry gear faster
• Built-in power source with USB capabilities

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 3. Fully Custom Wood Locker

• Custom stain color
• Custom pull-out drawer
• Custom graphics
• Backlighting

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4. Stylite Laminate Locker

• High-gloss finish
• Pocket hinge doors
• Digital lock
• Built in power outlets
• Removable magnetic graphics 

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5. Laminate Locker with Optimal Storage

• Lift-up lid on top storage
• Pull-out drawer with built-in helmet and shoulder pad rack 
• Top lighting
• Storage hooks behind the lift-up seat back
• Lighting inside back storage
• High-end, digital lock on side door
• Power outlets with USB in side storage
• Pull-out bottom storage
(Click to view more about wood/laminate lockers.)


Whatever your locker needs are, The Athletic Edge can meet them! To view more products, get your copy of our 2018/2019 Facility Catalog below.


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