Cutting-Edge Football Locker Raises the Bar for Team Rooms

Here at The Athletic Edge, we believe in high quality, innovative products. Our product line of lockers is always evolving to keep up with the needs of today and tomorrow's players and organizations.

One of our latest locker prototypes showcases some of the advanced features available with our lockers:IMG_3294-edit2

This sample locker is constructed with a laminate material that is very durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

 Laminate lockers are available in 5 standard colors:

  • - Oak Laminate
  • - Maple Laminate
  • - Cherry Laminate
  • - Grey Laminate
  • - Storm Grey Laminate

 The top portion of this locker features a lift up door with locking hinge system and a convenient pull-out helmet and shoulder pad rack. 


There is also a built-in fan placed on the top back panel to help gear dry before its next use. 

Top lighting keeps the locker well lit since the top portion is 2.75' deep.

The base is 3' wide to accommodate for players of all sizes.


Other special features:edit Locker*cushion door removed to view inside.

This locker has plenty of storage for all the practice, training and game gear football requires. To keep all this gear fresh, there are two built-in fans and a vented drawer. The storage areas have doors for a nice, clean and presentable look when closed. Players can also charge their devices and keep their possessions safe in the locked cabinet while they are away. 

Other locker options available: 

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