Locker room or living room?

As locker rooms have become more and more dramatic, it is probably safe to say most people are wondering "what the heck?!" Coaches all over the country want the best of the best athletes, and to some, locker rooms can be the winning factor. Not only is the locker room the place where teams get ready for big games, it is important they offer a sense of inclusiveness- no matter how lavish.

This blog was curated by an article titled "Beyond Training: How locker rooms are becoming more like living rooms" by Aaron Pleskac, AIA. It was originally published on January 5, 2015, on bdcnetwork.com.  You can find it here.

SHU football locker room.jpg"I’ve been the project manager and architect for a half dozen locker rooms over the past few years, designing new, renovating old and enhancing existing facilities for university baseball, soccer, track, and softball, said Aaron Pleskac with SRG Partnership. "I’ve learned a lot about designing team spaces that provide a sense of inclusiveness and camaraderie for the individual athletes in the group." 

Pleskac says each locker room is like a living room for the whole team. It’s the place where players can come together off the field and make the transition from student to an athlete and back again.

As student-athletes dedicate a lot of their time to their team, it is crucial for each athlete to participate in team bonding. Now more than ever, large and elaborate locker room facilities allow each athlete the chance to relax and unwind with members of their team. The locker room is really their place, designed for their distinct lifestyle of performance. Everything supports the group dynamic.

The tone starts with what’s on the outside, the colors, graphics and lighting, and then quickly moves to functionality and layout. How big is the team? What kind of equipment do the players have? What activities does the team like to do to connect players with one another?

The most successful solution comes with an integrated approach—the right balance to support student and athlete success.

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