Steel vs. Wood Lockers: Which Should I Choose?

Whether your team or organization is building a new facility or simply making some updates, planning can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming. What's the budget? Who will busing the lockers? What other amenities do we need? One of the most important decisions, however, may be the materials you choose for your lockers.

The Athletic Edge has a superior line of lockers, locker room stools and benches and more to accomodate the needs of any type of facility. The many options can seem overwhelming, but with a few tips, you'll have the perfect lockers for your facility!

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What's the Environment?

Are you furnishing a locker room for a wet area, such as a pool or a sauna/steam room or spa? Phenolic or aluminum lockers are perfect for a pool or area where there tends to be a lot of humidity. You don't have to rule out steel lockers, but just be aware that proper action needs to be taken to avoid potential rust build up.


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Who's Using Them?

Is your locker room at a high school? University? Public recreation or YMCA? Your user demographic can help you determine the matierial you should use. According to a study, metal lockers typically dominate all categories of schools, public recreation and health clubs. Why? Metal lockers are easy to clean and, according to the study, were more moisture resistant than wood. 

AE-gallery3_5.jpgMinnehaha Country Club IMG_2956.jpgSacred Heart University

Watertown.jpgPrairie Lakes Wellness Center


Our steel lockers are perfect for athletes, firemen, EMTs and any other profession that require a durable, spacious locker for gear and equipment. 

IMG_4878.jpgAtlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons chose the Aluma Elite lockers because they are durable, sturdy and easy to move when the team adds or cuts players- perfect for professional football!

No matter your users, you can't go wrong with an Athletic Edge locker. Let us help you decide!

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